We begin this post with a premiere from SERIOUS SAM BARRETT – ‘Every Night Has An Ending’. Sam tells us:

“This song is inspired by The Irish song ‘Derry Gaol’. I always thought the first verse of that song had a beautiful, completely universal quality sort of like a hymn. I rewrote the song so that all the verses had that poetic, universal style and did away with the narrative format that the old Irish song has. The song is basically composed of descriptions of the power of love to help you through the pain and tribulations that life can throw at you.”

Sam’s people think it’s “quite Christmassy” but they have a sense of humour.

From a brand new song to a golden oldie. Here’s a new lyric video to accompany ‘Morning Has Broken’ by YUSUF/CATSTEVENS.

About to go out tour, THE MAGPIES release a video for ‘Colin’s Set’ from their new album.

Now, before you say anything, we know we’ve posted this video previously but you can’t have too much of a good thing. Here are THE TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS with ‘My Gingerbread Man’.

FRAZEY FORD is in the UK touring her album U Kin B The Sun. Here’s a new video of the title track.

Newcomer (relatively speaking) ANNA WESTIN has a new single, ‘A Slow Revelation’ which is taken from her second album, LEV, to be released next year.

By way of a contrast here are some slow-burning LA grooves from SCOTT FISHER and ‘The Right Way’.

Too smooth for you? Try ‘The Battle Of Lewisham 1977’ by CERI JAMES AND MARK SAMPSON which was released as a charity single a while ago. To our shame we missed it but to make up for that – PLAY IT LOUD.

Here’s the title track of the recent album, Survival, by MOORS & McCUMBER.

‘Don’t Slow Me Down’ is the new single by ASHLEY SHADOW featuring Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

‘Two Ribbons’ is a rather lovely and uncharacteristically gentle song by LET’S EAT GRANDMA, better known for their industrial beats. The song is the title track from

Another duo, WINTER GRAIN, from Los Angeles release ‘A Better You’ from their new EP, Hollywood And Hard.

And finally, just because we love him so much, here’s BEANS ON TOAST with ‘Not Everybody Thinks We’re Doomed’ from his latest album, Survival Of The Friendliest.