YVONNE LYON – Metanoia (own label)

MetanoiaMetanoia is Yvonne Lyon’s eighth album and is a mixture old tracks revisited and brand new tracks. The collection opens with an Americana track laced with a helping of bluegrass: ‘Where The Poor Find Gold’. It is a good opener with a moderately lively tempo, and my pick of the tracks, but don’t expect the rest of the album to follow that path.

This a body of work filled with winsome songs. A feeling of melancholia dominates and yet there is an underlying hopefulness in a lot of the lyrics. The only track to kick off its boots is ’Everything’s Fine’, an up tempo dancing song with a positive message.

Yvonne’s voice carries the listener along through the reflective stories. A voice that is melodic and ideally suited to the subject matter of the songs.

The album as a whole is best described as a pleasurable listen. Nothing is going to shake any foundations here. There is nothing stunningly original on offer, but what you do get is quality music accompanied by meaningful words and delivered with Yvonne’s accomplished performances.

Any fan of Americana and American folk won’t be disappointed in this collection of songs that reflects Yvonne’s musical journey.

Ron D Bowes

Artist’s website: www.yvonnelyonmusic.com