Alison Krauss Live From The Tracking Room (Rounder Records)

Perhaps it’s Alison’s beautiful smile beaming from the sleeve or the thoughts that inspire it that convey so much about this country gal done good. For those of you that haven’t heard the ‘angels from heaven’ vocal style that evokes memories of the sadly departed Karen Carpenter for its individuality then do yourself a favour and, by hook or by crook obtain a copy of this great DVD. Whether you’re a musician or not, everyone will appreciate the duets with, amongst others; James Taylor (How’s The World Treating You), Brad Paisley (Whiskey Lullaby) and “Lay Down Beside Me” with John Waite. The glittering array of top-notch musicians she surrounds herself with is based on a mutual respect shown to a truly great artist and includes Jerry Douglas on steel guitars, Abraham Laboriel Snr (bass guitar) and Gordon Mote on piano. Predominantly used to promote the album A Hundred Miles Or More (of which there isn’t a duff track!) this visual record shows an artist in her prime and should be required viewing for anyone interested in getting on in the music business. You can tell during the linked interviews with the band the empathy they all feel towards Alison and she is equally rewarded by her trust in them in getting exactly what she wants in putting across her lyrics. When expounding the virtues of Alison’s performance everyone agrees (this reviewer included!) that she has that rare, gently commanding charisma that endears her music to anyone who hears it. The photography, as expected is first class with plenty of close-ups on the musicians’ digital dexterity and also shows the intensity and passion of the singers. If you’ve just become aware of Alison or are a long established fan then this DVD is for you.


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