Artist of the Day Project – Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh

Artist of the Day ProjectThe Artist of the Day Project was setup by Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh 36 days ago after losing the majority of their work due to Covid-19. The idea was to create a platform to showcase music and the incredible artists making it, by filming a ‘cover a day’ of one of their favourite songs. The next part was to then direct anyone interested to the artists online store and encourage them to purchase something from their virtual merch table to help keep them afloat whilst times are tough.

As you all know, this is a really tough time on the music and creative industries. Though it feels shameful to complain when we are safe and well and not suffering from this horrendous illness, it is still a very uncertain and unsettling time for all of us and we don’t know when this will pass. When this all began, we started panicking about what would happen to all of out amazing musician friends during this time. I was due to head out on tour with Elles Bailey and Frankie Davies which were all cancelled and people were left with no income and a heck of a lot of outgoings to cover. We wanted to do something to help promote all of the artists we love so we created ‘Artist Of The Day’. Demi Marriner

Artist Of The Day is a daily video series which covers a different artists song every single day and then encourage the viewers to head over to that artist’s page and online store and support them.

Please support them in any way you can during this time, whether that is following their social media, streaming their music or buying their records or merch. We really wanted to shine a light on the artists creating amazing music all across the world and bring them together to be found and loved by new fans across the globe, and it seems to really be working. Demi Marriner

To take things one step further, Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh have collaborated with a new company called Independent Muso to launch a range of ‘QuaranTees’. These are exclusive brand new merchandise t-shirts that have incorporated each artist featured in the series so far. All artists have to do is send in a design that isn’t on any other merch, Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh then put it all together and it is sold exclusively in the QuaranTees range on Independent Muso.

Independent Muso have kindly offered to cover all manufacturing and shipping costs for every artist within this range, meaning that the artists don’t pay a single penny in the process. Secondly, Independent Muso are giving all the profit from every single shirt sold directly back to that artist. Demi Marriner

It’s turned into such an amazing venture to help artists out and I’ve been totally overwhelmed with the response. We are currently on day 36 of the video series and we have tees on the Independent Muso site from artists such as Twinnie, Elles Bailey, Laura Oakes, Two Ways Home, Jade Helliwell, Wildwood Kin, Robert Vincent, Ags Connolly, Joe Martin, The Southern Companion, Kenny Foster (US), Tom West (AUS), Howard Rose, Myself and Robbie and so many more with new tees and artists being added every week. Demi Marriner

To celebrate the ‘Artist Of The Day’ video series, Demi Marriner & Robbie Cavanagh reached out to a bunch of the artists that they had previously featured on the series and asked them if they would be interested in being in a collaboration video singing one of Robbie & Demi’s originals.

The response to that video (detailed below) was staggering. Both the video and the track came out better than they were expecting and the response to it so far has been amazing.

Project website: Artist Of The Day

QuaranTees merchandise t-shirts: Order Here