TIM EDEY & BRENDAN POWER – Wriggle And Writhe (Gnatbite Records GB 010)

For those that have not seen them before, Tim and Brendan are two of the nicest blokes on the UK ‘folk’ circuit. They are also without doubt (or at the very least probably) the finest collaborators of reed based instruments anywhere on the planet as can be attested by artists the calibre of Sting, Kate Bush, Capercaillie and Mary Black. I have been a fan of the harmonica since I first heard Larry Adler but my allegiance transferred to Brendan when I saw him performing at the opening ceremony of the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Integrating his extensive knowledge of blues with Celtic melodies this engaging New Zealander (originally from Kenya but now based in Kent) along with the accordion wielding Edey manage to breathe expression into every note of their performance. From the opening track “Celtic Thunder/Kent To Kintail” the energy and exuberance of the duo sweep the listener along on a whirlwind tour of all that’s best about this music that we, the ‘folk’ community selfishly claim as our own. If on the other hand you’re looking for something a little more melancholy check out the arrangement of “The Maids Of Mitchelstown/The Morning Star” or their choice of songs…and yes…I didn’t know they sang either. I’ve had the pleasure of playing in session with both these guys and let me tell you the experience left me (and everyone who was there) truly invigorated therefore I have no reservation in suggesting you purchase a copy of this astonishing tour de force at the earliest opportunity and, why not impress your mates by playing them a couple of tracks to show them instrumental wizardry of the highest order.


Artist Web Link: http://timedey.co.uk/