Introducing Wolf & Clover

Wolf & Clover
Photograph by Leeann Hanson

We are contacted by musicians from all over the world and recently Matthew McCabe of the band Wolf & Clover got in touch to send us some album tracks and tell us a bit about themselves.

Wolf & Clover is an acoustic quintet from Columbus, Georgia, USA. Heavily influenced by Irish and Celtic musical traditions, the group’s first album features tune sets, songs, interpretations of classic material, and innovative twists.

Band Members

Jeremy Bass (mandolin, guitar, bouzouki) holds a doctorate in guitar performance from the University of Kentucky and has many years of traditional Irish music experience.

Justin Belew (guitar, accordion, pipes, vocals, etc), an experienced engineer, producer, studio owner, and musician from Georgia who attended Point University majoring in piano.

Jessica Bennett (violin, viola, vocals), a graduate of the Schwob School of Music and an expert singer, songwriter, and session player. She is also the owner of JLB Studio, where she teaches music to young people.

Matthew McCabe (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, vocals, etc) earned his Ph.D. in music composition from the Univeristy of Florida and has been studying the Irish language for several years. He teaches Audio Technology at the Schwob School of Music.

Stephanie Payne (flutes and whistles, backing vocals) performed with the Florida State Univeristy Irish Ensemble while earning her Master’s Degree in Arts Administration. She is also an alumna of the Schwob School of Music, and is currently Executive Director of the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus.

Album Tracks

  1. Top of Cork Road – First Avenue – Merry Maiden (trad.-McCabe-trad. jigs)
  2. The Wild Goose (trad.)
  3. Tam Lin – The Bucks of Oranmore (trad. reels)
  4. Shanagolden (trad.)
  5. After the Battle of Aughrim – Seán Ryan’s – Maggie in the Woods (trad. air & polkas)
  6. Eleanor Plunkett (O’Carolan)
  7. Go and Leave Me featuring Neal Lucas and Mike Jerel Johnson (trad.)
  8. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor (O’Carolan)
  9. A Chailín Álainn (trad.)
  10. The First Night in America – Jerry’s Beaver Hat – Will Smith’s (trad.-trad.-McCabe jigs)
  11. Drowsy Maggie – Sleepy Maggie – The Magpie’s Nest (trad. reels)
  12. Blue Sky (Patty Griffin)

Here’s preview stream of their debut album:

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