MAWKIN – The Ties that Bind (Good Form Records MKN004)

TheTiesThatBindHere we have a traditional Celtic folk album, filled with traditional folk offerings, but a peppering of other influences, such as Cajun, blues and country. Mawkin are a home grown five piece band, formed in 2002 and they have been earning themselves a reputation for turning out traditional folk, but with a contemporary cutting edge.

From the outset of the stomping ‘I Can Hew’, you are invited to stamp your feet and dance. There are quite a few danceable tunes on the CD. Not least of these, is the ‘Frenchy Set’, which comprises of three tunes delivered at jig-pace and like many of the tracks, there are some rousing vocals to sing along to. You even have the obligatory drinking song in the aptly titled ‘Jolly Well Drunk’.

No new compositions on the album. They are all traditional tunes given the Mawkin treatment. The band sounds like it is enjoying itself and the songs are such that you can join in the fun by singing to the roaring choruses. The musicianship is exemplary, the arrangements and production expertly handled and not a bad song or filler on the album.

If you are a fan of traditional folk music, you have probably already encountered Mawkin. If you haven’t, there is a hole in your collection!

A thoroughly enjoyable collection of tunes and I’ll bet the band has them jigging in the aisles when they play live.

Ron D Bowes

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