Memory Afternoons – The Warm and Toasty Club live stream

Memory AfternoonsFounded by Johnno Casson, The Warm and Toasty Club is a non profit community music, arts & history group based in Colchester, Essex. Usually, when not in lockdown, they run ‘Memory Afternoons’ in the community at Enoch House, Greenstead, Shrub End Social Centre and Colchester Arts Centre – plus charming live Sunday afternoon variety shows at Colchester Arts Centre.

The Memory Afternoons are extremely popular and have attracted attention and awards nationally. During this time of, #stayathome #savelives #savetheNHS they decided to try and live stream the afternoons to keep in touch with their attendees and to spread the word.

This live stream video is Episode 5 and the one on which they asked me to perform, in the first place I just said “yes, I loved to” not realising how hard that may be, luckily for me I’m in lockdown with my husband who after quite a few hours of trying to make the technical stuff work we were finally ready to go. It was a wonderful distraction and I enjoyed the afternoon immensely. Marina Florance.

Marina comes in just after 51 minutes into the show.

The Warm and Toasty Club are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. The club and their partners include: Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester Recalled Oral History Group, Fresh On The Net music blog, Essex County Council Sound and Video Archive & Fans.

Marina Florance’s work with The Warm and Toasty Club goes back to around 2017 and the club commissioned both Marina and Jules Fox Allen to write material based on the stories shared at Memory Afternoon sessions.

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