I wonder how many artists get to record their debut album at Abbey Road these days. Not many, I suspect, which says a lot for Tom Moriarty and his producer Ian Grimble who made it happen. Tom is a musician who was forced to make a “straight” living before turning his back on business and getting down to what he loves and that experience has shaped his songs.

It was his time at the Music Institute of Los Angeles that shaped his voice – John Martyn with better diction – as he worked and played alongside Lemmy and Crosby, Stills And Nash. Tom’s band – Rick Hornby, Chris Borud and Evan Jenkins – is augmented with powerful backing singers and a small horn section enabling the anger of the title track to be followed by a gentle love song, ‘Dance With Me’, and the invitation to ‘Smile If You Wanna Get High’ and all are equally convincing. ‘Don’t Ask Why’ is a picture of a fracturing marriage and ‘Where Are You Now’ could be its sequel.

There’s protest and blues, boogie and soul in these songs as well as the experience of life. Tom Moriarty has made a superb debut.

Dai Jeffries

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