Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley – Skyran

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley - SkyranInstrumental albums are notoriously hard to carry off. So, you have to be extremely confident and ready to roll with the punches when bearing your soul on record. Let’s just say that Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley take to the task with aplomb.

Orkney tunes feature throughout the album and there is a particularly haunting air ‘Sleepy Laddie’ that I’ve taken rather a shine to. The arrangement of piano and fiddle is in a word magical. This leads nicely into the double stopped ‘Dingeshowe Dancers’, a composition by Jennifer.

The laid back, syncopated feel gives the tune a kind of Appalachian approach that will have your head nodding to the infectious beat. The imaginative use of snappy guitar chords on ‘North Ron’ Reel’ lead us into the realms of Hot Club whilst ‘The Deerness Reel’ is pure White Heather Club. Musicians reading this review please note that if you’re looking for some new material, here would be a good place to start.

Original Posting date – 12-June-2001
Reviewers Name – Pete Fyfe

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