Mike Silver Jack DancesYou know it is going to be a little gem the minute singer/songwriter Mike Silver releases a new album and his latest – Jack Dances is certainly no exception.  All the tracks were written by Mike Silver.

10 glorious tracks are on the album, telling tales of loved ones, wishes for grandson, daughter making her own way in life, lost paradise, Jack Dances, trying to change a loved one, a song for his tenor guitar, wishful thinking and a song about his father and grandfather.  This album is full of song yet story-telling at its best.

Most of the tracks are Mike’s inimitable style of getting to the heart of the listener with his mellow and haunting melodic voice.  On a couple of the tracks Mike funks it up a bit on his tenor guitar!  Paradise Lost features dreams of paradise and when you get there is all commercialised and not as idyllic as portrayed.  7th son was written and St Ives features in it, a bit of a riddle!

Guests on the album include Nils Tuxen on Dobro, Christi Andropolis on fiddle and Stewart Hardy on violin and viola.

Mike has this knack of playing with the listeners heart strings with just about everything he writes, and this album is no exception.  The cover is a beautiful painting by Dani Wyndham-Reed of Jack Dances in front of Mike looking towards his lovely wife.  In his cover notes his friend and supporter – John Wallace – writes a beautiful tribute to Mike.

A lovely album and one that has not been out of my player since I had it!  You won’t be disappointed. Jean Camp

Artist’s website: http://www.mikesilver.jigsy.com/