Mark Harrison’s online concerts

Mark Harrison

In his own words:

I hope that everyone is OK as we stumble on through this still rather weird period. As things stand, nobody knows when gigs will start again and many of mine have been rearranged for next year. Others may hopefully take place as arranged later this year, we’ll see. Meanwhile I’m carrying on with my special online concerts, where I’m grouping my songs into themes.

Again, I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has watched them so far, made nice comments, bought albums and contributed ‘ticket’ money. Please keep doing all those things!

My next online concert is on Monday.


This one will have songs of mine that make personal statements. They aren’t necessarily my own statements, they may be statements a person might make that I’m OK with. They may be statements you can relate to personally. Join me and find out.

The concert will be live on this page on Facebook:

Afterwards the recording will be there, and it will also be on my YouTube channel: (lots of nice films there and please subscribe to the channel too)

If you’d like to buy a ‘ticket’ for the concert, here’s the link and all contributions will be very gratefully received:

‘Meet On The Other Side’ – live:


If you missed any of these, or would like to watch again:

ROADWORKS (songs with a story about what happened when I did each one at particular gigs)

Topics covered include: seagulls and morris dancers on the attack; Shane McGowan and me; experiences on BBC Radio 2; a tea bag in a kettle, approval from New Orleans; the consumption of Bucky in Glasgow; a very small tent

UNSOUND ADVICE (songs giving advice)

Advice given on topics such as: not thinking too much, booze; humiliations and dilemmas; life being unfair; disorderly life; not spoiling things; people who can’t behave themselves; the period of being young; modern working life; following a dream; biding your time

LONG STORIES SHORT (songs telling true or invented life stories)

Stories and topics including: the words ‘nary’ and ‘relationships’; casual marriage and a life without paperwork; a girl from Birmingham called Shirl; meeting a man who talked about escaping from lynching; life before happiness was invented; classic blues records made in a furniture shop; a Native American chief; running away

PHILOSOPHOPHICAL SONGS (for How The Light Gets In festival)

Topics include Existentialism and Coventry, not staring into the abyss, confusion over what being ‘nice’ entails, and ruminations on the disorderly nature of life.

BLUES LIVES (blues people and the world they lived in)

The show includes the social life, the folklore, the brutality, working life, religion, constant danger, and protest and the Civil Rights movement, as well as some of the actual people. Some aspects are sadly familiar with regard to recent events, showing that some things sure haven’t changed.