Hazel Askew and John Dipper join Historically Informed Summer School (HISS)


HISS (Historically Informed Summer School) explores the Common Ground between early, traditional and folk music.

We are delighted for Hazel Askew to join us for 2023 to lead the vocal folk course, fresh from the success of her tours with Lady Maisery and the musical Fisherman’s Friend – so there may well be a shanty or two, and other songs on the menu.

Alongside will be John Dipper leading instrumental classes. In most cases classes are “learning by ear”. However, the big treat at HISS is collaboration, making an instant folk band, arrangements and working with mixed groups across genres. HISS highlights also include the Tutors concert, Musical Banquet and bar sessions every night.

Full information and booking can be found online at hiss.org.uk and bursary places are available for full time students. If you have any questions, contact us at hissenquiries@gmail.com.