Video Wall 15

As lockdown drags on and the summer heat is debilitating it’s good to know that musicians are still doing interesting things to keep us entertained.

Our first choice may come as something of a surprise. This is YUSUF who was CAT STEVENS when this track was released with a new video of ‘Where Do The Children Play?’.

SHOW OF HANDS always have their fingers on the political pulse. They will release a single of ‘Bristol Slaver’ next month. The song first appeared more than twenty years ago and it seems that the world has caught up with them.

Senegal’s ORCHESTRA BAOBAB celebrate their 50th anniversary this year marked by the reissue of their 2002 album Specialist In All Styles now on vinyl for the first time. Here’s a previously unseen live video, ‘Jiin Ma Jiin Ma’.

As a teaser for his forthcoming album, Playing With The Truth, our old friend DARREN BLACK releases a solo video – enforced by lockdown, of course – for ‘The Clown’.

PAUL ARMFIELD also has a new album, Domestic, coming in September. Here’s a live version of the single, ‘I’m Not Here’.

Where would these pages be without BEANS ON TOAST? This is his latest single, ‘Glastonbury Weekend’.

FOY VANCE has released a new track with a video filmed on the streets of Memphis. ‘Thank You For Asking’.

Toronto singer/songwriter ELRICHMAN (not a typo although his name name is Paul Erlichman) releases his new single ‘On The Nose’ in advance of his second album, Heaven’s Mayor.

The title ‘There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money’ was enough to convince us to include this track from Sheffield band SERGEANT BUZFUZ from their forthcoming album Fox Pop.

And finally, anyone who covers Neil Young is OK with us. Here are CROWN LANDS with ‘Birds’.