GREEN DIESEL – Now Is The Time (Own Label)

Perhaps it’s the late 60’s, Fairport styled introduction that appeals to me on Green Diesel’s take on Steve Ashley’s “Fire And Wine” complete with obligatory ‘riff’. Whatever it is, the band play to the strengths of the folk-rock genre of that era featuring Ellen Care’s fiddle/vocals, Matt Dear (lead guitar), Matthew Fraser (accordion), Ben Holliday (bass guitar), Colin Ireland (drums) and Greg Ireland on rhythm guitar/mandolin/bouzouki etc). On the second track “London Pride” (more commonly known as the shanty “Let The Bulgine Run”) the band are happy playing to the strengths of that bygone decade with crash, bang wallop drums and layered singing although, without wishing to sound uncharitable, I’m not sure about Dear’s lead vocal on his own self composed “The General’s Lament”…a case to me at least of where’s the gravitas? I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with the judges panel of the recent TV “Superstar” auditions but please, if you’re going to sing a song sing it with passion…from the heart! That aside, this album should provide a reasonable ‘calling card’ to what the band are capable of and will undoubtedly sell well to their Kent based fans and anyone who sees them at a festival.


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