Findlay Napier – crowdfunder for new album, Outsider, is now open

Findlay Napier

Outsider is a multi-media extravaganza of new album from Findlay Napier exploring outsiders in love and outsiders in life.

A few months ago I had an overwhelming number of unrecorded songs and no idea how to shape them into an album. Jen Anderson (of The Bothy Society) recommended I take each song, listen to the demo, read the lyric and group them into similar themes. Using this method I found 20 songs with one strong theme “Outsider” and that theme could be divided into two clear camps: “Outsider in Love” and “Outsider in Life”. I’ve got a great cast of characters for you for this project including an envious actor past his prime, a cigar smoking dictator, a burnt out commis chef, a vengeful single mum, a hapless ink-fingered high school cartoonist, a bench warming footballer and someone who’s always in second place. From the first time you got picked last at gym to the last time the CIA tried to assassinate you with an exploding cigar, everyone can relate to the outsider, the over looked and the under dog.

The main reason we are crowdfunding is due to the unique way we will release this album. We’re focusing on releasing Outsider as a 150 page coffee table book packed with pictures, stories, lyrics and everything you need to know about the project. Scan pictures in the book with your phone or tablet using an app developed by The Bothy Society and with augmented reality you will have access to content that we will continually update even after the album’s release.

The album itself will be released in three parts Outsider In Love digital EP, Outsider In Life digital EP and finally as Outsider, a 12 track CD and digital download.

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