Eric Bogle Live At Stonyfell Winery (Greentrax Recordings DVTRAX2022)

What better way than to celebrate his ‘retirement’ from performing in the UK than a DVD by singer-songwriter Eric Bogle. A visual record of Eric along with trusted sideman of many years John Munro (guitars, mandolins), Emma Luker (fiddle), Hastings own Pete Titchener (guitar), Damien Steele-Scott (electric bass) and Jon Jones (percussion) this recording proves an ideal souvenir for everyone out there who has enjoyed this proud Australian/Scot’s words and music over the years. The photography is first class with crystal clear close-ups of digital dexterity from the musicians and plenty of head and shoulder shots of the man himself. In amongst the 21 tracks are favourites including “Now I’m Easy”, “No Man’s Land” and the towering “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. Bogle would appear to be a very contented individual according to his observations in the interview section and, whether he likes it or not, as Munro points out he will leave this planet with a legacy of some of the finest ‘folk’ music ever written. Recording engineer Mick Wordley and director Corey Piper are to be roundly applauded for capturing a concert that is full of warmth and humour and is a vital record for those of us that were unable to attend any of Eric’s ‘final’ tour of the UK.


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