The Askew Sisters: new album

AskewsSister duo Emily and Hazel Askew released their long awaited new album In The Air Or The Earth on 5th May. Fresh from their work with acts such as Lady Maisery, The Elizabethan Session and The Dufay Collective, the sisters have been focusing on working as a duo again and this will be their first release since the critically acclaimed Through Lonesome Woods in 2010.

In The Air Or The Earth is a dark album that explores themes of boundary crossing. It features striking renditions of some of the most challenging ballads, such as ‘The Wife of Usher’s Well’ and ‘The Unquiet Grave’, alongside sweeping dance tunes and ancient hornpipes. Throughout the album, the sisters use fiddle, melodeon and concertina to create cinematic arrangements that expose their skill for interpreting and reworking traditional material, taking you to the very heart of each song. Woven throughout are the influences of Emily’s work on the early music scene alongside Hazel’s captivating voice, which won her Best Female Singer in the 2011 Spiral Earth Awards.

In The Air Or The Earth has been expertly produced by Andy Bell (producer of BBC Folk Award Best Album 2014 The Full English) and was released on RootBeat Records, the home to acts such as Hannah James and Sam Sweeney, and Lady Maisery.

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