Marie Fielding announces new album

Marie Fielding

The Spectrum Project is the impassioned fourth album by award-winning fiddler, tutor and composer Marie Fielding. The Spectrum Project celebrates being ‘in the moment’, with the majority of its ten tracks played in full for the first time during the recording process.

The result is a remarkable album that captures the raw energy and emotion synonymous with the music making process, while allowing Marie’s intuitive and versatile playing to take its rightful place centre stage.

The Spectrum Project is a complete story from start to finish, with Marie revisiting the opening track from an altered perspective at the album’s close, allowing the journey to feel circular with a spectrum of moods and emotions expressed by Marie throughout.

The organic approach to making this album has allowed Marie to fully articulate her creative authenticity, bringing her distinct storytelling fiddling to the fore.

Speaking about The Spectrum Project, Marie said: “I recorded this album in an attempt to be as true to myself and my sound as possible, thereby discovering more about my ability, limitations and stamina as a soloist.

“Throughout the process, I focused on mood and response, rather than rehearsing, planning and aiming for perfection. At times, I had a sense of being suspended in the air, as the tracks emerged, searching for landing places…like tension and release. It was a unique, challenging yet exhilarating experience as a process, relishing and embracing the journey.”

The opening track ‘Spectrum’ is influenced by Gaelic song and is a free-flowing tune, composed just days before recording. It captures a reflective mood which sets a clear tone and intention for the music ahead.

Various compositions are inspired by places Marie has explored musically and captured artistically through her paintings and photography, such as ‘Aran Islands’ and ‘Connemara Reel’.

While others are dedicated to people that have touched her life, for example ‘Mayo 2 Manchester’ is about her Irish ancestors and connections with Michael McGoldrick as a composer and mentor. Marie also revisits ‘Brattfors i Brunt’ from her debut album Executive Club, sharing the melody with Tom Orr on piano for a fresh approach.

A lecturer in Fiddle and Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Marie Fielding can be heard playing fiddle, five string fiddle and hardanger fiddle on the album and is responsible for composing the majority of the tunes, as well as mixing and producing the record.

Having been immersed in traditional music from an early age, Marie has collaborated with many celebrated musicians over the years and guested on countless albums, radio and TV programmes.

She is joined on The Spectrum Project by Tom Orr on harmonium and piano. The fresh energy of Luc D. McNally can be heard on guitar, while the recognisable style of Donogh Hennessy on guitar, who produced two of Marie’s albums, can be heard on ‘Gracie’s Lullaby’. The Spectrum Project was recorded over two days at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton.

The organic, flowing feel of this album is also expressed through its artwork. A painting by Marie using acrylics and textures brings the journey of this body of work to life visually.

The Spectrum Project will be released on 26th June 2020. It will be available to download, stream and on CD.

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