Daniel NestlerodeThe BCA Rooms in Mount Folly is not an easy place to find especially when you arrive early and unsure as to which door in the beautiful old building next to the Shire Hall leads to the folk club!

Daniel took no time to set up, having two mandolins and no microphone needed, he was soon ready. The MC Peter Pinch was ideal for the job, rather a jovial chap and asked various members of the club to do floor spots before Daniel took to the front.

Peter explained that he had looked at Daniel’s website and listened to some of his music and was hooked. I have seen Daniel live before and knew Peter would be blown away with what he heard live on stage, as I was.

Daniel recorded at Folking LIve, Bracknell earlier this year:

Daniel kicked off his first spot with the up-tempo Steve Earle number, ‘Galway Girl’ which soon had everyone moving in their seats! The audience were hooked and continued to be so throughout the evening. The audience were happy to participate in sing-along songs that they had heard before or picked up during the song itself. A couple of foot-tapping traditional tunes were included – ‘Two Soldiers’ and ‘Red Haired Boy/Salt Creek’, also a great mix of Daniels own self-penned numbers in his own inimitable style.

Daniel was clearly pleased with the Bodmin Folk Club reaction and has already put on Facebook todayStill buzzing from last night’s gig at Bodmin Folk Club. Wonderful wonderful gig. They are the kind of audience who lift a performance up into an event; the kind of audience we performing musicians have in mind (and heart) when we decide to get out there on the road. Such a wonderful night, no one wanted it to end. Very much looking forward to returning sometime next year”.

The second half brought us some more floor spots and the drawing of the raffle! Daniel’s second spot was opened with ‘Oh Shenandoah’ – a capella style – and had the Bodmin Folk singing with gusto. Daniel was smiling broadly throughout this – well he was all evening! ‘Long Black Veil’ (Dill/Wilkin) (full audience participation again) reduced me to a quivering wreck!

Daniel then paid tribute to his lovely wife Claudine, “the best person I have ever met” saying that after meeting her while she was on holiday in California it wasn’t long before he followed her back to the UK. They now have a lovely daughter and a three week old son, both of whom are gorgeous. ‘Rolling with the Circus’ (Nestlerode) and ‘Going to the West’ (traditional) revved up the beat, with the last song being the one Daniel wrote for his daughter – ‘All the Things you Are. Beautiful’.

The audience were not going to let Daniel go! The well-known Dylan number, ‘I Shall be Released’, raised the rafters! So we were treated to a second encore, the traditional ‘Red River Valley’, before Daniel told us all to go home! 20 songs and not a bad one amongst them sent us all home with a glow.

A fabulous evening – everyone had enjoyed themselves, and it was plain to see that Daniel had gotten himself some more fans. A superb sing/songwriter/mandolinist with a huge smile and even bigger talent!

Jean Camp

To see Daniel live or buy his album – More Than A little Guitar – check out his website – www.nestlerode.co.uk – and become his friend on Facebook.

Those of you who are on Twitter can follow him on @DNestlerode

An old recording but a lovely version of ‘Long Black Veil’:


DANIEL NESTLERODE – More Than a Little Guitar (Camp 40 Recordings)

Daniel_Nestlerode_CD_ArtworkNow and again a new singer/songwriter is introduced to you and the force of their talent hits you like a tornado!  This happened to me when I met American singer/songwriter and mandolinist Daniel Nestlerode at a Folk 21 day recently.  He had a guest spot during the conference and all of the audience were riveted!  Now based in Cambridge UK, he has been playing the mandolin since 1992, but more seriously from 2001.

I am now in possession of his eagerly awaited new album – More Than A Little Guitar – and am, again, blown away!  11 glorious tracks which are a mixture of laments, up-tempo tunes, death, about loved ones going away, a song for his young daughter, bluegrass/country and western with fabulous harmonies and excellent mandolin playing.

The self-penned tracks being ‘Old Calapina’, ‘Rolling With The Circus’, ‘A Winter’s Night’ – which conjures vivid images of a man trying to get home in a harsh winter journey and what they can imagine and look forward to awaiting them at home, ‘Virginia Claire’, and ‘All The Things You Are’ which is a father/daughter story of feelings of becoming a father.

I particularly liked the very haunting ‘Long Black Veil’ which is the work of Marijohn Wilkin and Danny Dill (1949). A story of an illicit love affair with his best friends wife, convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and in death aware of her visiting his grave in a long black veil.

To lighten the album ‘St Anne’s Reel/Whisky Before Breakfast’ is an up-tempo tune which gets the feet tapping, and there are singalong choruses elsewhere too!

Ably produced by Brooks Williams, who has kept the album as stripped back and acoustic, showing Daniels’ talent as it should be.  Engineered by Chris Pepper and recorded at the Hub Studios in Cambridge More Than A Little Guitar is going to be a special album in my collection, so don’t miss out, and give Daniel a listen.  He is a gifted singer/songwriter who is reaching new heights, and already has a number of bookings for 2014.

Jean Camp

Keep an eye out for Daniel’s live gigs on his website – www.nestlerode.co.uk where you can also find the contact details for purchasing his music, and further information.