CHURCHFITTERS – Sing (Own Label CH969)

The Churchfitters (who appeared recently at Fairport’s Cropredy Festival) are nothing if not inventive and from the opening track “Knee Deep” with Chris Short’s intriguing use of musical saw being used to accompany his sister Rosie’s beautiful vocal and ukulele are shining examples of artists who would have you believe they are different from the rest of the crowd. Joined by Topher Loudon on gently guitar picked chords and bass player Boris Lebret this really is a scintillating sound. Never standing still and now featuring a majority of material penned by members of the band it shows that they have that rare quality, mainly longevity on the strength of re-inventing themselves. Of course, for those that prefer the more traditional flavour of the group we have the Appalachian sounding (courtesy of Chris’s double-stopped fiddle) “House Carpenter” and the banjo fuelled “Our Captain Cried All Hands” and trust me, if you didn’t think this song could be made to sound cheerful…how wrong could you be? This album isn’t a challenge…it’s a delight and if you’re looking for that special Christmas present (or at any other time for that matter) you could certainly do no better than purchase a copy!


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