Video Wall 12

Welcome to our final Video Wall of the year which also affords us a peek into 2020. With that in mind we begin with SAM LEE and ‘The Garden Of England’ which is from his new album Old Wow, released next month.

Another track from an album on 2020’s releases schedules.  Here’s ‘Botany Bay’ by ANTOINE & OWENA from their album Something Out Of Nothing which is due for release in March.

We won’t apologise if you’ve seen this before because anything by BEANS ON TOAST is worth watching at least three times. This is ‘On And On’.

FERRIS & SYLVESTER wind up their year with a single, ‘I Dare You’. If you’re lucky enough to live in mainland Europe you can catch them on tour in the spring.

Toronto duo The Cassidys recently released their debut album, Tula. This is the second single to be taken from it, ‘Cannonball’.

JOE ASTLEY released this single a couple of weeks ago. It’s called ‘Revolution Postponed’ which is horribly true.

We’ve searched high and low for a video from ROBB JOHNSON‘s brilliant new album, Eurotopia, which we will be reviewing in the new year but he’s playing his cards close to his chest at the moment. In the meantime, here’s a song he’s recently uploaded, ‘The Playing Fields Of Eton’.

‘Could Have Been You’ is a single from the EP Hear My Voice by PIERS FACCINI.

Finally something for Christmas. ‘Cry Back Moon’ has just been released to subscribers only by TALITHA RISE so please don’t tell anyone that we’ve posted it or we’ll all be in terrible trouble.

Birds of Chicago (JT Nero & Allison Russell) debut self-titled album is now released…

Birds of Chicago, a collective based around the collaboration between JT Nero (JT and the Clouds) and Allison Russell (Po’ Girl), released their self-titled debut album on January 28.

Birds of Chicago built a buzz for this album with a summer’s worth of memorable turns at festivals across the US and Canada, including High Sierra, Strawberry Music Festival, Kerrville, Delfest, Hillside (Ontario), American River Music Festival, Thirsty Ear, Joshua Tree, Pickamania, Taste of Chicago and more. They capped their summer with a performance on the influential live radio program, eTown, where they were dubbed the “dynamic duo” by hosts, Nick and Helen Forster.

The Birds band actually formed on Nero’s last solo record, Mountains/Forests. That album, a critic’s favourite in 2011, featured Nero and Russell singing together for an entire album for the first time, and minted what would become the Birds of Chicago sound.

Russell’s clarion voice wraps up Nero’s broken-soul country croon in silver and gold tones, underpinned by the elastic, simmering grooves of the family band (all JT and the Clouds veterans). The sound feels familiar, but resistant to pigeonholing – somehow joyful and haunted at the same time.

The album’s first two singles, ‘Trampoline’ and ‘Cannonball’, highlight the band’s effortless gumboing of rock ‘n’ roll, soul and old country, while Nero’s lyrics place him in line with American impressionists like Paul Simon and Robert Hunter.

Birds of Chicago shows feature an unlikely quilting of folks – jam band kids rub shoulders with riot girls and more seasoned NPRish types. A new video for another cut from the album, ‘Moonglow Tapeworm’, captures their pied piper effect at a Chicago speakeasy… nobody’s a stranger, it seems, to the Birds of Chicago cocktail of hope, mystery, melancholy and groove.

Artist’s website: