New funding for Scottish creatives

Creative Scotland

A total of £111,000 has been made available to support artists and organisations to deliver creative work.

Creative Scotland has confirmed its continuation of funding for Tasgadh and Maoin nan Ealan Gàidhlig, while Bòrd na Gàidhlig has contributed an additional sum to support Gaelic arts.  The funds aim to support Gaelic and Scots culture by providing grants for individuals and organisations to deliver performances, workshops and other projects to sustain creativity.  Administered by Gaelic arts organisation, Fèisean nan Gàidheal, both schemes benefit from a simple application process and a response within a month of the deadline dates for applications.

For a number of years Creative Scotland, which initiated the fund, has contributed £45,000 per annum to Maoin nan Ealan Gàidhlig (Gaelic Arts Fund) and will do so again in 2023-24.  For the first time, Bòrd na Gàidhlig has agreed to contribute an additional £30,000, making a total of £75,000 available to distribute.  The fund is to assist Gaelic arts initiatives with priority given to projects delivered through the medium of Gaelic or which contribute to Gaelic learning and use.

 Brian Ó hEadhra, Partnerships and Funding Manager of Bòrd na Gàidhlig, said: “We are delighted to be able to support this important fund which will help ensure that Gaelic arts and culture continues to thrive.  The arts are a vital part of our communities and these funds will help support artists and organisations to create and deliver inspiring work.  We would encourage anyone with a project idea to apply.”

There are two deadlines for applications for Maoin nan Ealan Gàidhlig – Friday 26th May and Friday 10th November 2023.

Tasgadh (Investing), is designed to provide support for individual artists and organisations to create, perform, tour and showcase work.  The fund, which has an allocation of £36,500 to distribute, is open to those with a proven track record in Scottish traditional dance, storytelling or music.  Awards of between £250 and £1,000 are available and past successful projects include music classes and workshops, dance development and collaborations, composition of new music, tours, personal development and research projects, internships and festivals.

Catriona Hawksworth, Traditional Arts Officer at Creative Scotland said: “It’s great to continue our work with Fèisean nan Gàidheal supporting artists and communities working with traditional and Gaelic arts to develop new work and ideas, increasing opportunities for those working in Gaelic, now and into the future.  Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s contribution will help this support go even further.”

Arthur Cormack, Chief Executive of Fèisean nan Gàidheal, commented: “Fèisean nan Gàidheal is very happy to collaborate again with Creative Scotland and is grateful for Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s additional funding since both funding streams are often over-subscribed.  Many artists contributed to the general wellbeing of people during the pandemic at a time when work was short before being affected further by the cost-of-living crisis.  It is important they continue to secure work and generate income.  We hope these funds will help facilitate that.”

There will be three funding rounds for Tasgadh with the following deadlines for applications: 19th May 2023, 20th October 2023 and 26th January 2024.

For more information about Tasgadh and details of how to apply, please visit To find out more about Maoin nan Ealan Gàidhlig, please visit