Battlefield Band – Happy Daze

Battlefield Band Happy DazeStarting the album with Alan Reid’s interpretation of the traditional song ‘The Devil’s Courtship’ he is joined by the rather wonderful voice of Karine Polwart (now a full-time member of the band). In fact Karine comes into her own particularly on the track ‘The Banks Of Red Roses’ which wouldn’t sound out-of-place on an album by Kate Rusby. Being arranged in part by John McCuske(Kate’s other half) I suppose that isn’t surprising.

As regular supporters of the band will be aware, Mike Katz has contributed much with his skill as not only a fine writer of tunes but for his dynamic piping which features throughout the album. Although he will be sadly missed the recent passing of Davy Steele unfolds another chapter in the band’s history and there could be no finer compliment to his memory.

The band have always been able to re-invent themselves and on this album the title of the last track ‘Start It All Over Again’ couldn’t be more apt.

Original Posting date -17-May-2001
Reviewers Name – Pete Fyfe