GILMORE and ROBERTS – The Innocent Left

As I’m sitting here listening to this, the third album by Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts I’m struck particularly on the second track “Doctor James” by how similar they sound to the Scottish band Ruby Blue. In fact, so much so that the track is reminiscent of Ruby Blue’s single “Primitive Man”…check it out to see what I mean. Personally speaking I’ll put my hands up straight away and say that I’m sold on the duo’s move into the late 80’s early 90’s soft, folk-rock genre replacing the use of 12-string guitar with the use of mandola and very much a cliché of that period in my opinion. It’s a nicely produced album by Julian Simmons although I feel that the use of flugelhorn and fiddle on “Louis Was A Boxer” are so similar in tone and texture that they render one or the other superfluous. A shame really as it’s only a minor niggle but one that keeps recurring each time I play it. On a more positive note, proving just as dextrous with their instrumental skills as their lyrics Gilmore & Roberts showcase a couple of tune sets “Seven Left For Dead” and “Over Snake Pass” which would give Fairport’s “Cherokee Shuffle” a run for it’s money. Finally, congratulations all round to the design team on a first class effort in producing the well illustrated booklet (complete with song lyrics and notes) and tasteful sleeve. Please will any other artists reading this review take note that this is how it should be done! An impressive album and I look forward to the duo’s next offering.


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