Amy Goddard – new single

Amy Goddard - new single

A song about sad events in Cardiff during the First World War is currently a semifinalist in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition.

A cache of letters that has survived for nearly a hundred years formed the basis for the song ‘Gladdie’, written by Amy Goddard. Amy’s great-grandmother, Gladys, lived in Cathays, Cardiff, and corresponded with a young Cardiff soldier serving in France. He was one of four brothers of the same family who were in the forces. Tragically, none of them survived the war.

Amy was born in the Merthyr Valley, although her family originally came from Cardiff. She now lives in Portsmouth with a husband, dog, and dozens of musical instruments, where she teaches music and is well-known on the folk and acoustic scene there. This year she has sung at various folk festivals including Cambridge and Wickham and is on the programme for the Perthshire Amber festival in Scotland in November. Her first CD Burn And Glow received excellent reviews in magazines like Living Tradition and websites like Folk Radio. Her music has been played on BBC Radio Wales and a number of commercial stations. Gladdie is being released as a single on 28th September, but will also be on her second album due out next year.

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