Folking Interview with Simon Nicol

Simon Nicol 2011.

Excitement is building to fever pitch as Fairport gear up to celebrate their 46 anniversary at this years “Cropredy Convention”. With this in mind, we thought it was the right time to re-run the interview that Paul Johnson did with Simon Nicol at Cropredy, back in 2011.

Paul’s schmoozing at the beginning of the interview leads him into a false sense of security and at times his interview technique morphs into Alan Partridge. Subjects include; the weather, Fairport opening the Thursday night for the first time, increasing Cropredy media coverage and the inspiration behind the Festival Bell album.

Paul JohnsonPaul also gets a rightly deserved finger wagging from Simon when he is corrected on the fact that Peggy (aka Dave Pegg) was not in the band at the time of the hit single “Si tu dois partir”.

This week’s homework, “Johno” is to go back to class, brush up on your Fairport history, list the all the names of band members shown in the video below and write out 100 times “My favourite song in the whole word is Si tu dois partir”. The deadline to have it done by is Wednesday the 7th August!

It would have been more appropriate, if the song playing in the background during the interview was “Poor Old Paul”. Joking aside through, I thought the lad did a pretty good job but if you are going to interview Simon, its research, research and research or go into it at your peril.

Click the “play button” below to listen to the interview…