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The folking review team is a small, dedicated group of people with a passion and a commitment for the folk, acoustic and Americana music scene. They review the latest releases, each in their own inimitable style…

All our reviewers give their spare time to bring you this resource and we always looking for new people to get involved who share a similar passion for the genre to help lighten the load. If that sounds like you, then please email us here for more information about joining the folking review team.

Martyn Joseph – Far from Silent

"Far from Silent" is about real life, people and experiences. When you listen to the words behind the songs you begin to understand the depth to Martyn’s world. Like the destruction of communities, cultures and traditions portrayed in the song "All in the Past" or the irony and false obsession in the ...
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Celtus – What goes Around

“What goes Around” builds a new refined pyramid of sound, vocal and spirit. John and Pat McManus are at the heart of this new structure, which is held together with the strongest set of songs to date, heavenly harmonies and exciting new concepts. Track Analysis: “What Goes Around”, Eastern Techno-folk flavour with ...
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Gjallarhorn – Sjofn

Gjallarhorn's unique mix of world music finds its roots in the Swedish folk music of Finland. It features a layered style of mythical medieval ballads, whirling minuets, prayers in runo-metric chants and Icelandic rimur epics. There are some moments of sheer improvisation and others that are "composed" and influenced in the classic ...
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Celtus Moonchild (Sony 487715 2)

Debut album of the incredibly talented Celtus, who were previously the hugely successful hard rock band Mama's Boys. Formed after the death of their drummer brother Tommy. John and Pat McManus from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland wrote the incredibly, mystical music to produce this fabulous album. A total change back ...
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Celtus At the Memorial Hall, Sheffield 2000 -By Jean and Emma Camp – Devon, England

We all waited outside eagerly, knowing that we were in for a treat. We were not disappointed!! It was our first visit to the Memorial Hall, and we were really taken with the intimacy of the venue. We found out after the show that the acoustics were a nightmare, but ...
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Celtus At the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 13th March, 2000

The air was filled with gathering excitement as we waited for Celtus to appear on stage. Our first view was of Dan bathed in a soft eerie glow as he conjured up the introduction to "Two Worlds". Then light erupted around John as he appeared from nowhere, low whistle in ...
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Celtus – Reviewed by The Sunday Citizen Milton Keynes on the 12th March, 2000 – by Paul Brookman

Celtus are simply the best! CELTUS are quite simply the best band Ireland has ever produced. Forget U2, The Corrs, Them or any group of any genre - this trio from County Donegal are head and shoulders above them all. After two brilliant albums their record label, Sony, dropped them ...
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Celtus – Reviewed by the Liverpool Daily Post on the 06th March, 2000 – by Andrew Judge

It's a great achievement finally knowing you've got there. Celtus have paid their dues and they deserve it. The band have supported Paul Carrack of Mike and the Mechanics fame, Deacon Blue and Jimmy Nail. It was about time it was their turn. Each Merseyside gig has shown a professionalism ...
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