Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields announce debut collaborative album

Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields

Discover the irresistible charm of Americana/Folk duo Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields, announcing the release of their debut collaborative album  I Remember You  out May 3rd.

The album’s new single ‘Whirlwind’, a powerful anthem for breaking the chains of generational family violence, earnt the prestigious MLT Songwriting Award at the 2023 NZ Country Music Honours.

With multiple awards to their names and thousands of miles between themMatt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields are bona fide masters of their craft, having discovered a natural chemistry as performers, the union of their songwriting enables them to explore new depths in their music.

Matt Joe Gow’s Between Tonight And Tomorrow won Music Victoria’s Best Country Album 2023, while Kerryn Field’s Water won Music Victoria’s Best Folk Album 2022.

The album was written on the road and features a strong connection to Aotearoa/New Zealand. Matt Joe Gow grew up in Dunedin in the South Island, a place with bad weather and good music, meanwhile Kerryn Fields was raised in the North Island with one hand on guitar and the other firmly upon her heart.

While long-time residents of Melbourne, the Kiwi duo have captivated audiences across New Zealand and Australia with extensive touring, gracing renowned stages including the Tussock Country Music Festival, The Australian National Folk Festival, Nannup Music Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Illawarra Folk Festival and many more. In the last year they have played 50 + shows across Aotearoa and Australia.

Their debut single, ‘Your Heart Of Gold’, garnered significant acclaim, debuting at #3 on the AMRAP Charts and receiving high rotation on ABC Country (Australia), as well as being featured on Country Music Television Australia and the song also earned a sync to television for an upcoming episode of Brokenwood Mysteries in NZ.

Follow up single, ‘Love Ya Like I Can’ emerged as a finalist for the MLT Songwriting Award at the NZ Country Music Honours and achieved high rotation on ABC Country and a feature on Country Music Television Australia. Current singles ‘No Trace’, ‘Whirlwind’ and ‘Prairie Song’, have already earned acclaim, with ‘Whirlwind’ winning the prestigious MLT Songwriting Award in 2023 and both ‘Prairie Song’ and ‘Love Ya Like I Can’ being named a finalist for the same award.

Layered with honest songwriting and ragged instrumentation, I Remember You is their true story. Equal parts uplifting and introspective, exploring themes of love, loss and the indelible marks left by the places we call home.

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