Martyn Joseph – Far from Silent

Far from Silent” is about real life, people and experiences. When you listen to the words behind the songs you begin to understand the depth to Martyn’s world. Like the destruction of communities, cultures and traditions portrayed in the song “All in the Past” or the irony and false obsession in the words to “Celebrity“. Martyn Joseph is a visual cinema with the perfect sound track. I remember my first screening of “The Mayor of Candor Lied” a roller coaster period drama with an ending that will give Spielberg a run for his money. By far the most poignant song on the album is “The Good in Me is Dead” a song that express the hopelessness and desperation of a Kosovo refugee whose life has been torn apart by war. “Far from silent”, is an album that will make you think, which is a rarity in today’s silver “rapped” chocolate world of pop.

Folkmaster May 2001

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