Eugene Twist – The Boy Who Had Everything

If it’s possible to emerge studied, grounded and with a Clint Eastwood snarl, from the eye of an intense musical storm, Glasgow’s Eugene Twist is your man. At 25, he maintains a fiercely individualistic sense of creativity in his songwriting, nurtured from an early exposure to artists as diverse as Leonard Cohen, Pixies and Buena Vista Social Club. As a longtime composer and multi-instrumentalist, Eugene has always explored intuitively on the path to finding his own voice. The result: an effortless pop sensibility, seasoned musicality and killer narrative are equally at home in an ethereal landscape as they are in his sophisticated ballads.

Eugene’s self-produced debut album ‘The Boy Who Had Everything’ is tailored to anyone seeking a new voice in songwriting: One that has not fallen contrived to the overwhelming stylistic pressures of contemporary song but rather holds its own torch high in the name of organic expression. As the title perhaps intends, it is a homage to the cultivations of a far-reaching artistic upbringing and vow to a constant sharpening of identity and craft.

EUGENE TWIST – THE BOY WHO HAD EVERYTHING – Out July 9th on Tough Act Records

“Unbelievably accomplished and inspired, definitely one of my tips for 2012”

Vic Galloway – BBC Radio Scotland

“An amazing journey to an era of musical idealism”

Mark Plati – Producer: David Bowie / The Cure

“You’re going to be hearing a lot more about him on our show”

Ricky Ross ‘Another Country’ – BBC Radio Scotland

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