Chicken Stock Festival – all you ever wanted to know but…

Chicken Stock Festival


The Festival takes place across two neighbouring farms in Stockbury, in a stunning rural location in a small hamlet just outside Sittingbourne in Kent.

In the ever increasing competitive music festival business, its encouraging to see small family friendly festivals – not only spring up, but continue to grow and become successful well attended festivals and this little gem is no exception.. now in its sixth year its held in a great location, with a great atmosphere, and always has a elective mix of local and national acts.

So with’s very own Paul Johnson’s folk rock band – Shanakee – taking to the stage on the Sunday of the festival on August 4th at 1.30 we thought we’d take a little dive in to the growing and successful little festival…extremely friendly for everyone, with children’s activities, workshops for all ages, food and festival stalls, bar at pub prices.

You can also hear folking.coms’s Paul Johnson talking to Moya about the history and what the festival has instore for this year here……

Why not come along and join Paul Johnson and
Set in the stunning location in the beautiful Kent Countryside, there’s on site camping right next to the Arena. Electric hookup available.

So… who are the movers and shakers?

Moya & Beth Taylor started the adventure with the first Chicken stock in their back garden (close to the present site) in 2018, which grew from them hosting large garden parties ……and the immortal words from a friend saying “You should put this on for the public!”. So they did! With plenty of help from friends and family, including Simon & Sophie Giles.

Who? & When?

Both Moya & Beth had worked in the Entertainment Industry for many years, both on and off stage. Moya has been Assistant Manager of a Cabaret Club, including running the Karaoke stage, has acted in many productions, including a production that toured France, produced and directed and worked backstage as Prompt, Props and as a follow-spot operator. She then moved out into business and trained as a Financial Adviser before becoming a Finance Officer for a Multi-Academy School Trust in South-East London, which she continued to do until 2021, but as the Festival grew, so did the workload, so she made the decision to give up her ‘proper job’ to concentrate solely on the Festival. Beth, despite a few brief appearances acting on Stage, prefers the technical aspect of
the industry. She worked as Production Manager in the same Cabaret Club as Moya. She also ran her own Sound & Lighting Company in the mid 1990s which included managing bands. So between them they have a considerable amount of experience to run a business, as well as a love of music and music festivals.

The first Chicken Stock was really good fun, and everyone had such a great time, they decided to keep going. It was clear that their garden – a good size though it is – would not accommodate a larger stage and facilities. Moya and Beth’s neighbour kindly offered them one of his paddocks, so in 2019 they moved the Festival to Pett Farm. The larger space meant more people could attend, increasing the number of food and other concessions, and most importantly more music!

2019 was another great event, so they knew 2020 must be planned!

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak the Festival had to postponed until 2021, but this gave the opportunity to get Simon and Sophie much more involved and to increase the amount of music even more to cover three and a half days. Moya and Beth met Simon and Sophie, through their daughter, Mila, as she and Simon were Scout leaders together and had become best friends. Sophie and
Simon together with Mila and her wife Ella ran the bar for the 2018 and 2019 festivals. However, Simon and Sophie’s knowledge of production gained through their Performing Arts degrees, meant that they were keen to help in a bigger way, and Moya and Beth were very happy that they joined the main organising team for putting on 2021 and beyond!

They all hope that you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Kent’s BIG little festival, being suitable for all ages, and in a spectacularly picturesque location, and that it will become a regular on your festival calendar year after year. The number of tickets available are strictly limited – so get yours early to avoid disappointment!

We also aim to make the festival site as accessible as possible to everyone. Having a son in a wheelchair Moya & Beth understand how limiting festivals can be, and if he is anything to go by, being able bodied is not a requirement for a love of music. If you have any specific requirements, let us know of these in advance, and we will do what we can to the best of our ability for you, to make your festival experience as care free, easy and enjoyable as possible. Please see our Accessibility page for more details! Between the four they have all aspects of the Festival covered, along with the little army of volunteers, who without the wheels of the Festival would not turn.

They’re looking forward to seeing you in the Paddock!
Moya & Bethan Taylor & Simon & Sophie Giles

This year from Thursday 01 Aug – Sunday 4th Aug
there is a great eclectic mix of music genres as well……

Chicken Stock Festival - 3 Daft Monkeys

Thursday 1st August
3 Daft Monkeys
Victor and the Bully
Samuel Ashton & The Instincts
Bad Willow
The Jukebox Sweethearts

Listen to Paul Johnson talking to Tim Ashton from 3 Daft Monkeys

Friday – 2nd August
Town of Cats
The Discount Orchestra
The Worry People
Anthony John Clarke
Emerald Falls
Hadrians Union
Amber T
Hurricane Shack
CJ and Max
Jess Marie
Saturday 3rd August
Electric Swing Circus
Eddy Smith & The 507
Funke & the Two Tone Baby

Cable Street Collective
Roving Crows
Gianni Scalera and the Jury
Adam Brucass
Daniel McGuinness
Shake Me Up Sally

Sunday 4th August
Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra
Jolly Roger
South by Zero
Blackbeard’s Tea Party
Luke Jackson Trio
Thomas Bradley Project
Maisy Crunden

See official information and get tickets here…..

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