Charles Foskett announces his long-awaited debut album

Charles Foskett

Late Bloomer started with the composition of only one song, ‘Pull On The Rope’ – it was an exercise of healing and distraction – mainly to see if Foskett could still actually string a cohesive sentence together after chemotherapy and radiation – this was before undergoing massively invasive 12 hour surgeries to rid him of his life threatening tumours – he also lost several body parts into the bargain – Chemo Brain (cancer-related cognitive impairment) can last up to five years and longer.

This was between 2010 and 2015 – fast forward five years – Foskett is still breathing and a happy boy, now in his 70’s – he is on a mission with one heck of an uplifting and motivational back story to tell – not only to those who have been through and are going through similar circumstances, but to everyone out there who cares about their own health and well-being.

OK – Let’s talk about the sexy part – The Music! Folk Songs and Roots Music appealed to Foskett for one simple reason, the possibility of storytelling within it’s lyrical content – Foskett’s own particular brand of home-made folk songs started with many regressive trips from his hospital bed back to his early post World War 2 beginnings on Tyneside.

OK, you may think this is not something out of the ordinary, but Foskett having a great sense of humour and being a true visualist, has always been able to recall not only bygone images but has a gift to be able to replay movies of his long gone past, sometimes even with the audio attached – in other words, he can still hear the voices and the sounds of those halcyon days of old.

This explains such amazing story lines to songs like Jimmy Gray’s Granny’s Eye’where he accidentally got a missing glass eye (which belonged to a friend’s ancient grandmother) lodged up his backside.

Mahoney’s Bridge’ – Another 1950’s story based upon a childhood friend whose mother was a prostitute and the daughter eventually followed in her footsteps.

Wild Wild Things’ – A duet he wrote for Julie Felix and himself, about how two old people in their twilight years might reflect upon today’s young, expending all their precious energy on useless pass times (We’ve all been there and done it!).

Foskett, a natural musical arranger, has produced here a number of hugely infectious, sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting but always heartfelt songs – Apart from the self penned songs there are some that have been specifically written for him by the likes of Grammy, Emmy, Bafta awarded John Cameron (Orchestral Arranger and Orchestral Conductor of Les Miserables).

Foskett is currently working on his follow up album which will be a duets record co-written with some of his duet partners – The duets list so far are Judie Tzuke (‘Stay With Me Till Dawn’) – BBC’s Nicky Campbell OBE – Ralph McTell  – Steve Knightley (Show Of Hands) – Paul Jones (The Manfreds) – Janis Ian (At Seventeen) – Foskett is also writing with the legendary songwriter, winner of five Ivor Novello Awards and writing partner of the late Michel Legrand – Barry Mason – This project promises a whole host of other musical luminaries as his guests.

A recent radio interview about ‘Late Bloomer’.

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