Celtus At the Memorial Hall, Sheffield 2000 -By Jean and Emma Camp – Devon, England

Celtus At the Memorial Hall Sheffield 2000We all waited outside eagerly, knowing that we were in for a treat. We were not disappointed!! It was our first visit to the Memorial Hall, and we were really taken with the intimacy of the venue. We found out after the show that the acoustics were a nightmare, but this was certainly not apparent to the audience.

Celtus At the Memorial Hall Sheffield 2000Myself and my eleven year old daughter Emma had seen Celtus when they supported Jimmy Nail in Plymouth last November and we became instant fans of their music. It was time for the boys to appear on stage. They came on to spontaneous applause from us all – over 200 of us.

Celtus At the Memorial Hall Sheffield 2000The self-penned lyrics are haunting, mystical and so soul-wrenching. We had all the songs and instrumentals we wanted – played beautifully. Is this really only a three piece band??! They put so much energy into one and a half hours We shouldn’t have asked for more, but we did and we got it. There were standing ovations from a rapturous crowd all wishing they had booked another concert soon.

Celtus At the Memorial Hall Sheffield 2000Celtus At the Memorial Hall Sheffield 2000John, Pat and Dan clearly showed they really enjoyed playing their music and looked as though they had lived through each haunting lyric. Their friendliness and sincerity showed on meeting their fans afterwards, together with their manager Lindy Benson who has tremendous faith in these boys – as we all do. Celtus have arrived!

We walked back to the car in a dream, and promptly booked tickets for another concert the next day. You can catch them at Finsbury Park Fleadh and The Whitchurch Festival.

Jean and Emma Camp – Devon. June, 2000


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