Beth Nielsen Chapman ‘The Mighty Sky’ A collection of songs about astronomy for children of all ages!

Beth Nielsen Chapman The Mighty SkyWorking with Astronomy enthusiast/songwriter Rocky Alvey and her longtime hit songwriting partner Annie Roboff, Beth Nielsen Chapman releases an adventurous new project; “The Mighty Sky”, a collection of songs about astronomy for children of all ages.

“The Mighty Sky” was featured with live performances at the International Day of Human Space Flight at the United Nations Headquarters in NY on April 12th, 2012. Dignitaries included Dr. Charles Bolden (NASA Administrator), astrophysicist Dr. Mario Livio, and astronomer/author Dr. David Weintraub.

The songs are bursting with fun, life and accurate scientific knowledge. Each in a different genre, every lyric delivers an important astronomical fact. Hands -on lesson plans are outlined on the poster which comes with the CD, and are described in more detail on website. “The Mighty Sky” promises an eye-opening view of our place in the Universe.
The album features cameo spoken word performances by Bob O’Dell, the founding scientists of the Hubble Space Telescope, and Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, discoverer of pulsars.

Astronomy is borderless. Inherently, it promotes the thought that we are all part of one universe. There are no borders in space. We are all astronauts travelling on the same ship, a fragile sphere, hurtling through the universe together. We all look out the same portal at an infinite view of “The Mighty Sky”.

1. The Mighty Sky 3.55
2. Through Hubble’s Eyes 1.47
3. The Big Bang Boom 3.01
4. The Moon 2.42
5. Little Big Song 3.19
6. Rockin’ Little Neutron Star 2.05
7. Zodiacal Zydeco 3.10
8. Test Retest and Verify 3.01
9. The Way That We Lean 2.08
10. You Can See The Blues 3.3311. There Is No Darkness 3.00

“How inspired, to educate by bringing together the wonder of astronomy and new music by such gifted artists in this cool, innovative way. I loved it!” – Bonnie Raitt

“Beth’s music has always been star-bound… In this collection, she takes listeners of all ages on a journey of the universe and in the process teaches as well as enriches the heart.” – Mary Chapin Carpenter

“A brilliant mix of music, art, science,and fun. I love it.” – Keb Mo
“Here is music to stargaze by, or sunbathe, or gather moonbeams, watch meteor showers, chase eclipses — even dream about the next transit of Venus.”The Mighty Sky” covers all heavenly contingencies.” – Author, Dava Sobel

“Kepler’s music of the spheres approach to astronomy has found a modern parallel in “The Mighty Sky”. It conveys well the wonders and intricacies of the modern universe.” – Founding Project Scientist of the Hubble Space Telescope – Dr. C. R. O’Dell

“The Mighty Sky is a shining example of the ways in which educators want to encourage people of all ages to think about and investigate the world around us in creative ways. By engaging us in the universe musically, Alvey, Chapman, and Roboff have helped us understand some “mighty” physics and astronomy concepts in ways that help us to understand and have fun, at the same time!” – Vicki H. Metzgar, Ed. D., STEM Hub Director, Tennessee

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