Battlefield Band and guests Beg & Borrow

Battlefield Band and guests Beg & BorrowBeg & Borrow is a musical project which explores shared music and song from Scotland and Ireland.  Featuring Scotland’s Battlefield Band, and twelve guest artists, the recordings made during the project are available as an album from Temple Records and you can find out much more about the musicians and the music on this website.

Scotland and Ireland are only separated by twelve miles of sea at their nearest point.  It is not surprising that they are even closer culturally, having influenced, begged, borrowed and stolen from each other over the centuries. Time and again, political, economic and social drivers have seen emigrants move between the countries, settling and absorbing the culture and language, while adding their own to the melting pot.

Today, the cross-fertilisation of these strong cultures is as vibrant as ever, as migrants from both, including many of the musicians featured here, have taken this living tradition far and wide throughout the world.

Label website: Temple Records

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