Christopher Bruhn announces new album


Chandelier is the acclaimed guitarist’s second full-length solo release and the followup to his 2013 record, Weekends On The Frontier.   Chandelier presents 10 tracks of pure, original, solo acoustic guitar compositions for 6- and 12-string.

In addition to being a precise, clean picker, Bruhn is one of the most promising composers of the younger generation of fingerstylists around today. He’s studied from the best and formed a truly original style that will live on for generations. His work as a whole has a timeless quality that propels the American Primitive guitar genre forward and at the same time harkens back to an era when music and life were more simple.

Some press for his first record, Weekends On The Frontier:

“a pure, soulful, performance by one man and his acoustic guitar.” – Sound Color Vibration

“In a town where an acoustic troubadour is serenading you with a folky lament on every street corner, it’s great to hear a guy who has nothing to sing about, who just wants to play some acoustic guitar in the style of greats like John Fahey. Transportative, if that’s a word. (Let’s say it is.)” – Duluth News Tribune

Artist’s website: