ALAN REID – Recollection (Temple Records COMD2103)

This CD represents a nostalgic look-back over many years of creative input from Battlefield Band’s longest serving member Alan Reid. Now, I’ve been following the band since I first saw them at The Half Moon in Putney humping (and you don’t hear that term used in the way it was originally intended much these days) his harmonium on stage and ‘that’ very first recording on the French record label Arfolk…yes, I go back that far…and I for one can say how enjoyable this experience has been. Of course, in company with band mates including BrianMcNeill, Davey Steele, John McCusker and Mike Katz it was not only his keyboard accompaniment to the powerful instrumentals but his own contributions in the singer/song-writing department that has inspired a whole generation of Celt-ophiles to take up pen and paper. With a choice of songs as long as your arm to choose from he has selected eighteen tracks to represent his career with the band. Including as it does “The Road Of Tears”, “Jenny O’The Braes” and “The Pleasure Will Be Mine” these are but the tip of the iceberg on an album of treasures and I’m pleased to say that his work will continue (even if it is without the Batties) and prosper in whoever’s company he chooses to collaborate with.


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