Sam Sallon – Kathy's Song video released

Kathy’s Song (EP) was released through AWAL on indie imprint Indigo-Octagon yesterday. The EP has received great reviews from Hitsheet, MusicWeek and Classic Rock Society so far. Music press and mainstream press reviews won’t run until later this month but we’re giving it the “folking thumbs up” right now, so well done Sam and fingers crossed. The title track has Continue reading Sam Sallon – Kathy's Song video released


Nicole MaguireNicole Maguire has been determined to sing since childhood, she’s been writing songs since she was 12 and at just 15 was gigging, playing opening slots for anyone who’d let her. In addition to her musical gifts Nicole Maguire has been blessed with dedication and determination. This means she now finds herself, still in her mid 20s, with admirers including Paul Brady, Nanci Griffiths & Damien Dempsey and a self-funded album produced by Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Pearl Jam, Paul McCartney). The band on the album includes Elvis Costello & the Attractions’ drummer, Pete Thomas; Crosby Stills & Nash’s bass player Bob Glaub and Val McCallum, guitarist for Sheryl Crow and Lucinda Williams.  Vonda Shepard, the award-winning singer from Ally McBeal, handled backing vocals, with Grammy award-winning engineer David Boucher assisting Mitchell Froom.  Nicole recalls that there was an incredible energy and momentum to the sessions. “We did it all live. We just went in and played it till we loved it and then we stopped. I hoped to create something that in twenty years I could be completely proud of. I think I did that”. Continue reading Nicole Maguire – WHAT YOU REALLY MEAN


Mike Silver Jack DancesYou know it is going to be a little gem the minute singer/songwriter Mike Silver releases a new album and his latest – Jack Dances is certainly no exception.  All the tracks were written by Mike Silver.

10 glorious tracks are on the album, telling tales of loved ones, wishes for grandson, daughter making her own way in life, lost paradise, Jack Dances, trying to change a loved one, a song for his tenor guitar, wishful thinking and a song about his father and grandfather.  This album is full of song yet story-telling at its best. Continue reading MIKE SILVER – JACK DANCES –FRCD 0112

BROOM BEZZUMS – Winterman Steeplejack Music SJCD019

Broom BezzumsMark Bloomer and Andrew Cadie are Broom Bezzums, a duo regularly augmented by Katie Doherty’s vocals. In fact the opening track here, ‘Salt Sea And Coal’, is one of Katie’s songs.

Although British, Broom Bezzums are based in Germany where they have released three previous albums, all available from the usual sources in the UK. There is nothing earth-shatteringly new in this seasonal set but, having said that, they have found some interesting tunes with a Christmas connection. Continue reading BROOM BEZZUMS – Winterman Steeplejack Music SJCD019

Live Review – CC SMUGGLERS – 12 Bar Club, London 29 November 2012

CC SMUGGLERS Reubens TrainIf you think of Mumford & Sons as The Beatles then CC Smugglers are The Rolling Stones. They both inhabit the same folk/blues/country/rock/Americana landscape but there the similarity ends.

The 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street is a very small venue – actually the building is large enough but most venues have larger stages than the 12 Bar’s live room. Six CC Smugglers filled the stage and mostly had to stand very still for two reasons. Firstly, because Dave Marks’ trombone could have done an unwary band-mate a serious injury and secondly because lead vocalist Richie Prynne …

CC SMUGGLERS BandOff-stage, Richie is a quiet, personable young man; in front of the band, he stomps, struts and yells like a loose-limbed marionette so giving him plenty of room is important. CC Smugglers have an excellent debut album, called New Roots Music but they are already impatient to move on.They played ‘Mother’s Ruin’, ‘Devil’ and ‘Temple Of Bloom’ from the album but also stomping new tracks like ‘Shake, Shuffle And Move’. CC SMUGGLERS RichieScorning all advice to the contrary they did their usual encore stunt of turning off the microphones and descending into the crowd, taking their lives – and everyone else’s – in their hands. By then nobody really cared and nobody was seriously hurt.

CC Smugglers made their reputation by busking outside other people’s gigs – being invited in more often than not – and will be at Glastonbury next year, although I’m not sure on which side of the fence. Until then, check out their gig list and get along to hear them. It will be decision you won’t regret. Dai Jeffries

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Folking Feature for Police Dog Hogan From The Land Of Miracles

Police Dog Hogan From The Land Of MiraclesPolice Dog Hogan are a high-energy seven-piece (including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, drums and guitars) that fuses country-folk to a pop sensibility. The band is rapidly building a following through joyous, foot-stomping live performances, having received rapturous receptions at festivals including Cornbury, Larmer Tree, Camp Bestival and Kendal Calling, and in sellout shows in London venues such as Bush Hall, The Troubadour and The 100 Club. Continue reading Folking Feature for Police Dog Hogan From The Land Of Miracles