The Steeleye Span 45th Anniversary folking Interview

Steeleye Span 45th Anniversary Tour at G-Live

With a career that has taken in an astounding six decades, Steeleye Span is not just a legendary name in British music but also a link to the classic days of rock and folk music. Contemporaries of the likes of Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention, they have gone on to change the face of folk music forever, taking it from small clubs and festivals into the world of chart topping albums and international tours.

Part of that incredible story has been the individuals that have contributed to the band’s history. Steeleye Span has provided a home for a long list of some of the world’s finest musicians. The current line up of Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp, Liam Genockey, Julian Littman, Pete Zorn and Jessie May Smart along with older names such as Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Tim Harries, Bob Johnson and most recently Peter Knight have all woven their heraldry into the historical fabric of the folk-rock tapestry.

Paul Johnson and I recently caught up with current band members Maddy Prior, Julian Littman, Peter Zorn and  Jessie May Smart during the 45th Anniversary Tour at G-Live in Guildford to celebrate this 45 year landmark.  Click the play button below to listen to the interview.


The video below celebrates the bands most recent album Wintersmith which was recorded in collaboration with Sir Terry Pratchett at the end of 2013. The album is based on Pratchett’s Wintersmith novel, which subject matter is completely appropriate for Steeleye, in its tales of ancient rituals and secret folk dances that perfectly complement their previous work whilst taking the band off again in a new and exciting prog-rock direction.

Darren Beech –

If you would like to order a copy of the Wintersmith, download it or just listen to snippets of selected tracks (track previews are usually on the download page) then click on the banner link below to be taken to our associated partner Amazon’s website.

KRISTA DETOR: new album

Krista DetorFLAT EARTH DIARY is Krista Detor’s fifth solo release and her first album in four years, featuring none other than genius bassist, Victor Wooten.

FLAT EARTH DIARY was born in the North Channel of Lake Huron, on a chance trip Krista took with some friends. She’d had a handful of songs that were album-worthy, but in four years, couldn’t manage to find the unifying thread, or the pieces that would fill in the blanks – missing continents on a map, if you will. As she sat on the water, with no land in sight, it occurred to her that we humans are unbelievably adaptable. “Not long ago, we were certain that the Earth was flat and that the oceans poured off the edge into the abyss of dark space. Now, we accept as readily the notion that the Earth is round. We’ve all seen the photos, haven’t we? So the question for me became, in that moment, ‘is perception reality?’ Continue reading KRISTA DETOR: new album