Harriet! are on the road to promote double-A single


HARRIET! consists of Harriet Brooke McDonnell and Neil Wardleworth.

Harriet hails from Mickleover, Derbyshire. She has established herself in and around the local music scene with her own alternative country style. She released her Hidden Messages EP in 2015 and she is also a well-recognised, BBC Introducing artist.

In 2016, she teamed up with STM Music Management and now Derby’s rising star is going from strength to strength performing throughout the UK and Europe.

Director of STM music, former Steel Threads man Neil Wardleworth, has spent many years in the industry and has toured with the likes of The South (former Beautiful South), Hugh Cornwell, Twisted Wheel, Asia and New Model Army. He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter and lends some experience to the writing process while keeping the natural raw talent that Harriet possesses perfectly intact.

Harriet! with her silk-like, gravelly voice, has been compared to Stevie Nicks and Eva Cassidy. Along with her own passionate acoustic guitar style, she has Neil accompanying her on second Guitar, Cajon, Percussion and backing vocals – which brings a whole new, edgy and unique sound. Along with the original songs, ‘HARRIET!’ also perform songs by their biggest influences, including The Pretenders, Skunk Anansie, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Evanescence’, The White Stripes and many more.

‘Harriet!’ are releasing a double A side single on vinyl and CD in August 2017; two songs that have become crowd favourites at gigs, ‘Just Sign’ and ‘Those Three Words’.

The pre-order date is Monday 17th July 2017, and the release date is Monday 14th August. To promote this, the duo is touring constantly and has plans to record a full length album in 2018.

Artists’ website: www.harriet-music.com

STEEL THREADS The Rule Of Three (own label)

STEEL THREADS The Rule Of ThreeThe Rule Of Three is the third album from Steel Threads and also signifies their restoration to a trio with the addition of Tracy Beardmore on bass, violin and vocals.

The first track is typical of the band’s style. ‘Helpless’ begins gently with acoustic instruments and then the bass thunders in and we’re off. ‘Next Time’ follows a similar pattern with Neil Wardleworth’s kick drum driving the ending. Wardleworth hands over the lead vocals to Laura Wilcockson for ‘Made You This Way’ with chugging violins underpinning the song. ‘All This Time’ goes for a flat-out rock sound with big backing vocals from Laura and Tracy and a gorgeous fiddle break.

‘Over Before You Begun’ is the one song we’ve heard before – as a bonus track on the Live EP. It’s a bit wistful but Neil can’t curtail the power of his vocals even though the backing is pared back to acoustic guitar and violins. It has been said before that the best way to hear Steel Threads is live and there is sense of restrained power about this whole album. You can almost hear them itching to get out there on stage and play. There’s a touch of electric guitar at the end of ‘Take My Chances’ that suggests a big solo waiting to be unleashed and Neil takes one in ‘Touch The Stars’ that will be a thing of joy on stage.

Actually, Steel Threads should really be a six-piece with a second guitarist, a drummer and a bass player to allow Tracy and Laura free rein as a twin violin front line on stage. That’s pretty much what they are doing on this record, getting the most out of every song. There’s plenty of variety and you can’t help thinking that each track is even better than the previous one and even with the penultimate ‘At The Start Again’ they throw in something you haven’t heard before.

I’d like to think that The Rule Of Three will be Steel Threads’ breakthrough album. It’s certainly as good as anything else you’ll hear before Christmas.

Dai Jeffries

‘All This Time’, Steel Threads’ most recent single:

Steel Threads Announce Third Album

Steel Threads Announce Third Album

Steel Threads to release their third album The Rule Of Three on Mon 14th Dec, 2015.

Steel Threads are an original band performing their own unique blend of acoustic rock and alternative folk.

Formed in 2011 the band comprises of Neil Wardleworth on guitar, bass drum and vocals, and Laura Wilcockson on violin and vocals and Tracy Beardmore on bass, violin and vocals.

Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Crowded House, and Fleetwood Mac, Steel Threads pride themselves on their strong songwriting and energetic performances.

The band’s debut album Timing Is Everything was released in June 2012 and the band has gigged throughout the UK, building a strong following ever since. The strength of support is evidenced by the fact that the second album For Those Who Are Left was pledge funded by fans and reached its target much more quickly than the band expected.

The next album The Rule of Three is influenced by the decision to become a three piece band again in February 2015, the extra energy that has created, and the fact it is the band’s third album.

Steel Threads maintain a very full gig schedule, with dates up and down the UK including many a festival, venue and real ale pub along the way.

STEEL THREADS – Live EP (own label)

STLiveAfter two studio albums folk-rock duo Steel Threads release a seven-track live EP, a record that they believe best represents their real sound. Four of the songs can be found on their debut album, Timing Is Everything, two come from For Those Who Are Left, and one, ‘Over Before You Begun’, is new.

If you haven’t encountered the band before, Neil Wardleworth plays guitar and does most of the writing and lead vocals and Laura Wilcockson plays fiddle and sings harmony. In the studio Neil also plays bass drum and they employ a bass player. He keeps the drum for live performances. For this set, they have eschewed their more delicate songs apart from the new composition which is gorgeous. ‘Let The Wind Blow’ starts out with great restraint but picks up the power and its ending is quite stunning with Laura’s mournful violin matching Neil’s impassioned vocals.

The record opens with ‘Nothing To Hide’ and ‘Last Nights Love’ from the first album. Neil and Laura have left just enough of the applause and chat in to remind us that this is a live recording. The sound is very powerful but clean and it was only on the fourth or fifth play that I realised that Neil sounds a bit like Mark Chadwick on ‘It Goes On’. In fact, a stripped-down Levellers is not a bad comparison.

Dai Jeffries