BRINDLEY HUNT – Find My Way… (own label)

Find My WayStaffordshire based singer/songwriters Barry Hunt and Bryan Brindley have formed a duo – namely Brindley-Hunt – and the result of this collaboration has led them to create a fabulous album, entitled Find My Way… Well known for their solo work individually, they have embarked on a little team work, and wowing audiences wherever they go!

All twelve tracks are originals and penned by themselves, and what a treat this album is! The lyrics of these tracks are about life and it’s up and downs, lost love, mostly gut wrenching and fabulously crafted. Full of superb harmonies, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, mouth organ, it has it all. Very easy to listen to and has not been off my car player since I received it!

‘Peace that Makes Me Whole’ kicks off the album with an up-tempo and full band sound. My feet are tapping already, and carries on with the next track of ‘I’ve Left it Too Long. Find My Way…’ another up-tempo number and the title track paints a picture of mountains, rivers and a hard road to travel (in life). Change of tempo comes next with the rather bluesy ‘Never Stop Holding On’ – very nice.

‘She Walked Away’ is very “Claptonesque” and reminded me of the classic Clapton track ‘Wonderful Tonight’ which always makes my heart string melt, (Barry has a comedy version of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ in a Brummy accent and is hilarious) and the Brindley-Hunt track is superb too!! I was awoken from my ‘dream’ with the rock and roll beat of ‘You Light Fires’. Up-tempo prominent guitar and voices with a rough edge!! Back to a bluesy feel with ‘All I Said I Want to Be’. Another Clapton type feel to it. Lovely. ‘Boy To A Man’ is of young boy’s thoughts in adolescence and thinking of his journey into manhood. ‘Closer To You’ is very much a love song. Two people in love and how uplifting it is.

‘Baby Blue Eyes’, although I love all of this album, is my favourite track. Very singalong, lovely melodies and harmonies. Fabulous guitar work. ‘She Could Be The One’ holds fabulous harmonies, drums and the title speaks for itself! Lastly but by no means least ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, no, not the Beach Boys track, gives a band sound, and great number to finish the album, leaving me wanting more.

This album is a must for everyone’s album collection due to the skill, craftsmanship, dedication and hard work it has had put into it, as well as it sounding great!

Can’t wait to see Brindley-Hunt live and wish them well. They deserve every ounce of success! Find My Way… is released on May 20th and you can purchase the album from the Brindley-Hunt website where you can also find where they are appearing in their tour diary.

Jean Camp

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Barry Hunt – Living In The Shadows

Midland based Barry Hunt – singer/songwriter, guitar teacher and a master of his craft with a Masters Degree in Song writing – has unleashed an album of his own songs (together with inspiration from Joe Bennett, Bex Cullen and Jan Jay) and this album – Living In The Shadows has been very well received by all who hear it. The album carries a mirage of genre and opens up with an full bodied up-tempo number – Left it Too Long – which gives a rocky uplifting start, the second track which is the title track couldn’t be any different and Chris Rea would have believed it was himself singing!  Bluesy guitar and Barry sings in a gravel voice enviable of Chris himself.  Piano with superb backing vocals from Barry’s daughter Chloe is a beautiful rhythmic number entitled There’s Nothing Here to See.  (Plenty to hear though!) Our Final Day is quite a mournful number, but a track that really stands out to me, as does The Road that Leads to You.  Blues, country, acoustic, rnr, contemporary, its all there.  12 delicious tracks and not a duff one amongst them!  Now that’s rare!

Barry has worked hard on this album, he has some songs left over and there will be another album out in the early part of 2011 which we are already looking forward to. An album that really is a must in anyone’s collection as it has so many different types of music on it, that you can leave it on your player all day and not get tired of it!  Give it a try! Go and see Barry live at a venue near you by keeping an eye on his website.

Jean Camp

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