Rick Shea and The Losin’ End release new album

Rick Shea

Rick Shea cut his teeth in the bars and honky-tonks of San Bernardino, California and his songs reflect the folk, country, rock and Mexican influences he grew up with there. The Town Where I Live, Rick’s latest album, emerges from that world of haunts, hard choices and dusty rock & roll.

From the rollicking fare thee well of ‘Goodbye Alberta’, the hard country twang of ‘The Starkville Blues’, the gospel touch of ‘Trouble Like This’ and the guitar driven burn of ‘(You’re Gonna Miss Me) When I’m Gone’, it’s an album of lost roads, lost dreams and long rambling goodbyes.

The Town Where I Live features Shea’s long-time backing band, The Losin’ End. “This is more of a band album than I’ve been able to make in the past. Start to finish, it’s me and the guys in my band.”

Rick Shea says he comes from the Dave Alvin school of folk music, a school that includes Woody Guthrie, Howlin’ Wolf, Curtis Mayfield and Chuck Berry to name just a few. “Songs tell our stories and our history and songs were how those stories were shared in the past, I’d like to continue that tradition.”

As a solo artist he’s recorded ten critically acclaimed albums and has toured the US and Europe. Rick’s also played as a guitarist with Dave Alvin, Wanda Jackson and a lot of other folks and he keeps a busy schedule of recording and performing.

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Artist’s website: www.rickshea.com

‘The Road To Jericho’: