Peter Knight to celebrate 70th birthday in Tewkesbury

Peter Knight

“Peter Knight can spin the world on his bow” so said no less a philosopher and writer than Sir Terry Pratchett, a man who knows what it is to invent a world…several actually.

Equally at home in diverse worlds/scenarios, Peter is a skilled practitioner who conjures and crafts aural images as well as contrasting soundscapes. His years of experience crossing boundaries and genres mean his music falls beyond categorisation and narrow thinking.

Ask him and he’ll more than likely respond that he plays what makes him happy or satisfies his melodic curiosity, which basically comes down to a philosophy that allows for questing, enquiry and partnership whilst constantly pushing the envelope.

Since leaving Steeleye in late December 2013, Gigspanner has rightly been his focus.

The band has developed in ways unpredictable though inspiring, ultimately securing a roots/fusion of wider scope and a unique identity.

What began as a simple side line became something other, and continues to morph in chameleon like fashion into different form when occasion demands. Across a handful of albums they’ve conjured an absorbing set by turn dark and light, supple yet strong, ancient whilst modern, familiar though innovative.  And they remain compliant enough to allow others to add to their polyglot, BBC Folk Award winners Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin being occasional recruits who bring eastern and Americana stimuli to the table.

Nor is that the only example of Peter Knight’s influence on the next generation of folk musicians, as his concerts with Bellowhead founder and squeezebox maestro Jon Spiers prove. Headlining Folk East in 2016 with minimal rehearsal time, the duo produced a set described by one rain sodden punter as ‘ethereal and beautiful, earning them a standing ovation and prolonged calls for them not to leave the stage.

From beginnings in the rarefied halls of the Royal Academy, to international stages the world over with Steeleye Span, who strove to give ancient roots contemporary guise, via the endless morphing of free music with respected specialist Trevor Watts, there is nothing predictable about a musician whose music is as mercurial as quicksilver, thoroughly absorbing, distinctive, enduring and above all fascinating”

Simon Jones (Journalist/fRoots.)

To celebrate his 70th Birthday year, Peter will be joined by the Gigspanner Big Band, featuring Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, plus John Spiers.

The concert will be held at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, on Sunday the 13th of August at 8.00pm

The concert is the culmination of a very special week of concerts, which includes a performance at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, 50th Anniversary Festival, and the release of the debut ‘Gigspanner Big Band’ album, which was recorded live at the legendary Nettlebed Folk Club.

Artists’ website:

‘Silbury Hill’ live at the very venue:

Summer Dates

August 5th
Gigspanner Trio
Church of St Mary and St Julian
Maker Heights
Nr Torpoint

August 9th
Gigspanner Big Band
St Andrew’s Church
Ashburton, Devon
Call 07957 280129

August 10th
Peter performs at Cropredy with Feast of Fiddles, and then dashes to…
Gigspanner Big Band
United Reformed Church

August 11th
Gigspanner Big Band
Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

August 13th
Peter Knight’s 70th Birthday Concert
The Roses Theatre