Nigel Mazlyn Jones and Marker play The Music Institute

Nigel Mazlyn Jones begins a short tour at The Music Institute in Guildford on March 23rd

Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Nigel Mazlyn Jones was born in Dudley. He started playing guitar and writing poetry and songs as a teenager in the late sixties while working part time at Dudley Zoo and his playing styles are rooted in the 12-string guitar which has become his trademark.

In his teens in the sixties he ran the Albion folk club in Dudley and later the Garibaldi acoustic club in Stourbridge. He left the Midlands for two years in 1969 working at Gerald Durrell’s Jersey Wildlife Trust and on returning started playing full time. In 1972 his love of the natural world led him to move to the wild moors and coasts of Cornwall to concentrate on writing, playing and promoting acoustic concerts in Cornwall. Later he progressed to touring in Europe and appearing at many festivals.

In 1976 he recorded his first album Ship To Shore in Nest studios in Birmingham. This album is now a 70’s classic of its genre and has been re-released in vinyl and CD forms. The second album Sentinel followed in 1979.

He was invited to be guest artist to various well known bands and was soon touring in Europe. In 1980 he toured the Euro/UK rock circuit on a mammoth three-month tour as guest to Barclay James Harvest playing to nearly a million people.

Decades on and eleven albums later his most recent album Raft has been acclaimed by Mojo, Uncut and many other music magazines and much of his music is available on iTunes. There are many live video clips on YouTube to explore and his official web site has further info such as Nigel’s work with Van der Graaf Generator’s drummer-percussionist, Guy Evans.

Nigel is a masterful 12-string guitarist weaving a wide range of sounds, poignant songs and instrumentals with some interesting tales and the kind of ecologically aware political commentary championed by his peers. He is well known on the live and festival circuits (including Glastonbury main stage) and has written and performed for radio and TV.

From his folk club days through the 1970’s he went on to tour most UK and European major venues supporting the likes of Barclay James Harvest, Renaissance, Camel, Judy Tzuke and Bob Geldof. Down the years he has collaborated on various projects with Steve Hillage, Banco de Gaia, Roy Harper, and Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator yet always revered and returned to his acoustic roots, as can be heard on the latest album Raft.

“A veteran of the first wave of British acoustic warriors, along with Roy Harper, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Mick Softley and Mike Chapman, Nigel is the real deal, a battle-hardened survivor for his art, enthused, principled and still breaking the envelope.” Shindig

Nigel has recorded eleven albums. His first two, Ship To Shore and Sentinel, have been re-released and are rightly regarded as classics of the genre. The recent release Raft echoes his early work, featuring his 12-string dexterity and embellishing some great tunes with poignant lyrics of hope, love and wonder.

His thinking was heavily influenced in the late 60s through working in wildlife conservation with the great apes at Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Trust. Living near the Cornish coast since 1972 natural influences often weave into his music creating an artistic reflection of the raft on which we all individually sail. As Nigel notes: “Like this planet, rafts are fragile.”

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Nigel will be supported at The Music Institute by Chichester duo Marker: Marilyn Campbell and Kerry Manning.

Marilyn has been singing unaccompanied traditional folk songs since the late 60’s, starting in the folk clubs of her native home of Hull and her college home of Chichester, West Sussex. She was therefore much inspired by the singing of the Watersons and the Copper Family. As well as making her mark as a lovely singer she has also been running the long-established Chichester Folk Song Club for many a year.

Kerry started in folk at about the same time but was more influenced by the more contemporary folk music that was so evident at the time, and developed into a singer/guitarist at local clubs wherever he happened to be.

In the early 90’s he discovered the Chichester club and Marilyn, and a musical duo just happened. Since then they have played at clubs and festivals around the country, plus performed in Mick Ryan’s Fieldworks productions of A Day’s Work and  The Voyage tour of England and Ireland.

Their repertoire is a great mix of the traditional and contemporary, leaning as much on the traditional canon as their favourite songwriters such as Enda Kenny, Jez Lowe and Keith Marsden. Their latest CD, Marking Time, is a fine example of the range of their musical influences.

Marilyn also dabbles in spoons playing, whilst Kerry has since added bouzouki, melodeon, bodhran, and English concertina to his skill sets (and is now battling with the fiddle).

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