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BOB FOX – Dorking Folk Club, Dorking (08.06.11)

The nice thing about arriving at Dorking Folk Club is that you are automatically made welcome by host and organiser Neil McRitchie and the friendly regulars. The new setting (a slightly smaller room due to the old one becoming too expensive) suits the club and the convivial surroundings lend well to the more intimate ‘acoustic’ setting. Starting with a floorspot from Terry (I’m afraid I didn’t catch his second name) who crooned his way…very well too…and much appreciated by the audience… Continue reading BOB FOX – Dorking Folk Club, Dorking (08.06.11)


Will Scott is known for his bluesy voice, distinctive guitar-playing and heartfelt song writing. Blending blues and Americana with a dash of rock and outlaw country, Scott’s music has captivated crowds worldwide. His energetic, soulful, live performances and acclaimed recordings have made Will Scott one of the most notable artist’s in the blues/roots genre today. Continue reading Will Scott – KEYSTONE CROSSING


Towards the end of the 1990’s the Celtic mandolin family seemed to explode on the ‘folk’ scene and one of the finest exponents in this regard was Gerald Trimble whose use of mandolin and bouzouki was to prove influential to a certain twin brother double act. Therefore it was with great pleasure that I came across this recording by Jimmy Crowley (who should really be found featured in an article of “…whatever happened to him?”) and Marla Fibish. These musicians are fine exponents of double strung instruments and display a relaxed and non-rushed approach that many of today’s whiz kids could well take note of. Technically speaking there are plenty of triplets and generous use of glissando particularly on the title track and the overall easy going pace would prove an ideal resource for many ‘session’ tunes. For those pondering whether the use of too many double strung instruments including dordan (bass mandolin), mandocello and mandola [and not a guitar in sight] is a case of overload, you can rest assured in the capable hands of Jimmy and Marla this is a refreshing and at times exquisite recording and is a credit to both performers. PETE FYFE


Rosie Nimmo – HOME

With comparisons to Billie Holliday, Alison Kraus, Patti Smith and Dory Previn, Rosie Nimmo has a voice of clarity and depth. Rosie has been singing jazz and blues for several years, including performances in the Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival and the International Book Festival for the last two years. She has been praised in both Scottish broadsheets, the music press and reviewed by the Guardian. 

Continue reading Rosie Nimmo – HOME’s favourite Radio 2 moment…

The Radio 2 Folk Awards are chosen and voted for by a panel of professionals (broadcasters, promoters, festival organisers and record companies) who all work in the world of folk, acoustic and roots music. These people (now in their hundreds) are asked to nominate and vote for the people that they consider to have produced and performed the most outstanding work during the past 12 months. Continue reading’s favourite Radio 2 moment…

IARLA O’ LIONAIRD – Foxlight (Real World Records)

Ignorant peasant that I am, I hold my hands up and declare that I have never understood the Gaelic language or, more than likely never will do. Still, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it as an aural texture and in fact find it quite soothing in many of my more relaxed ‘mood’ moments. If you’re looking for a serious bit of ‘chill-out’ then this album will more than likely appeal to you as it did me. Many of the ‘folk’ world will know Iarla O’Lionaird having been the vocalist in the Afro Celt Sound System but here, accompanied by Leafcutter John, Simon Edwards and Neil McColl amongst others this recording is a far more relaxed affair. Utilising the main framework of Leo Abrahams electric guitar, piano, effects and programming the project might appear at first to be an indulgence by O’lionaird but repeated listening will be justly rewarded by those who enjoy their ‘folk’ music with a bit of class. PETE FYFE
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