DAVID YOUNGS – In Between Silence (own label ASANACD003)

in between silenceIn Between Silence is the second album from Cambridge-based acoustic guitarist and composer David Youngs. Its eleven tracks are all original compositions opening with the nine-minute ‘Where Memories Go’ which begins with ringing, almost clashing chords and develops through the most delicate fingerpicking following a complex logic of its own. The second track, ‘And So It Goes’, picks up on the percussive style of the opener, a favoured technique. There is no lack of variety, however, and ‘Chevrons Apart’ is a charmingly simple piece that just drifts along.

‘Mutster’ is an old piece written when David was in Africa and employs that distinctive time-signature that seems as though it can never resolve but will roll on forever. The title of ‘Samahita’ comes from Sanskrit while ‘Pieces Of Me’ is probably the nearest that the album comes to being straightforward, ending in a hypnotic figure that finally winds down to its conclusion. My favourite track is probably ‘To Catch A Star’ with its insistent train rhythm, body percussion and the occasional whistle in the distance. Superb.

I’m not sure when I would play In Between Silence. You can’t really relax to it, although there are relaxing passages, because it really requires concentration and David never hangs on to an idea for too long which means that, just as you’ve settled into a piece it’s likely to take off in another direction. To use it as background music would be an insult to a fine record and yet it lends itself to that function.

Dai Jeffries

Artist’s website: http://davidyoungs.net/

David shows off his technique at London Guitar Night: