Celtus – What goes Around

“What goes Around” builds a new refined pyramid of sound, vocal and spirit. John and Pat McManus are at the heart of this new structure, which is held together with the strongest set of songs to date, heavenly harmonies and exciting new concepts. Track Analysis: “What Goes Around”, Eastern Techno-folk flavour with funky Bodhran. “Breathe”, a wonderful, smooth, polished love song that takes you to a sacred place. “Angel”, beautiful acoustic guitar and vocals that shine with compassion. “Perfection”, an anthem of harmony. “Jigsaw”, interesting fusion of musical styles that will make you smile. “Changes” – It’s a single! “Touch Too Much”, a touching little ditty. “Live Again” – guitar, uilleann pipes and whistles pinned to a solid backbeat of touching vocals. “Liberate” – Celtic mouth music. “Shelter” – “The Cathedral” of hope and a message of peace. “Hole Inside My Heart” – an awe-inspiring piece of music. “Departure”, an instrumental so beautiful in composition, that it will take your breath away.  The Folkmaster

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Celtus – What goes Around

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