Bonesandtheaft with Bird Radio at All Inked Up

7.30 pm Sharpish on Saturday 14th October at the
All Inked Up Bookfair Event at the Brewery Tap Art Centre
53 Tontine St, Folkestone, Kent

All Inked Up

All Inked Up is an International Artist book and print event spread over two venues comprising of an Artist Book and Print Fair, Symposium and Workshops, to a final Exhibition of four internationally acclaimed artists at The Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury.

The event will build the audience’s awareness of the Artist book as a primary medium and method in artistic practice and introduce the broad possibilities that the book format covers, from illustrative narrative to sculptural forms through to digital, audio/video and performance work.

The event will feature over 30 internationally recognised Book artists from Spain, South Korea, Japan, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Ireland as well as the U.K; the work of staff and students from Universities from Spain, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and England as well as the local artistic community in the South East, Resort Studio, Crate, Intra, DBA Print studios and Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

The event is free.

You will have the opportunity to talk directly to the artists about their work, ideas and how and why they use their methods of production.

The Book Fair – 13th – 15th October

The artists exhibiting come from diverse disciplines and practices who use the book format as either a component within their work or as a means of an outcome as an object or art form. These are handmade or small editioned books and prints, examining what a book can be or represent, from sequential narrative to sculptural forms. The books will showcase different subject matter and processes into a tangible format using different print processes, embracing analogue to digital, digital to analogue and investigating printable materials, to different binding processes and structures. Books are tactile objects or artifacts to be handled and viewed, performed or even worn. These are pieces of art at affordable costs. The Artists will also be showcasing limited editioned Prints from diverse print process again all at affordable prices.

The Symposium And Workshop – 13th October

The symposium will provide the opportunity to ask what constitutes an artist book and the function of the ‘artists book’ within an artist’s and a designer’s practice.

Can an artist’s book transcend different disciplines and artistic philosophies opening up new means of interdisciplinary enquiry and being a format that can break down barriers and thereby be accessible to a more diverse audience? Internationally acclaimed artists and designers will be debating these issues. They will be looking at the book in a wide notion and concept, from sequential narrative and mapping, to using a variety of formats, binding methods and processes. These artists are deconstructing the essence of the artist’s book, one of a visual language and its interaction with the audience. The book can be in the shape of a more personal artifact held and played with, to digital environments that nurture or engulf the audience. The artists will be discussing their own practice and their ideas and how they see and use the book format to interact with the viewer and the book’s accessibility with the audience.

There will be related workshops inductions into the various processes and media used by the exhibiting artists throughout the day in: Risograph, Letterpress, Silkscreen, Embossment and Book binding methods. These will be conducted by some of the exhibiting artists / designers and by staff and students from UCA Canterbury. There will be limited places for each workshop, but you will be able to sign up for the individual workshops on Friday 13th at the reception area.

Each workshop / inductions will be timetabled throughout the day giving you the opportunity to visit the fair take part in the symposium as well as the workshop.

The time scale for each workshop will vary.

The Exhibition – 19th October – 9th November

The exhibition will comprise of four acclaimed artists who work within the boundaries of the Artist Book.

The exhibition will outline the diverse nature of the book format, from sequential narrative to mapping and code to installation and interactive pieces. The common thread of the book is also expressed in the artist’s production methods through various print methods and sequencing within their work.

The exhibition private view Thursday 19th 6pm. Exhibition Open Friday 20th till Thursday 9th Nov The exhibition will be open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

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